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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Lime Tree Primary School


Mrs A Jones & Mrs S MacBrayne Class Teacher  Darwin
Miss F Burrows Class Teacher Newton
Miss N Bailey Class Teacher Curie


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Cook 
Mrs Holman 
Miss Penny
Mrs Brown
Mis Lawrence


Autumn 1


queen victoria


Is it better to be a child in Merstham in Victorian times or today?

This is the key question Year 6 will be exploring. As a year group, we will be comparing Merstham in Victorian times to present day. We will research key elements such as maps, photos, schooling, toys, housing and food to see what the difference was for children in Victorian times compared to today. We will use primary and secondary resources to help inform our decision, read literature from the time and will go on a local guided tour of Merstham idenitfying how it has changed over the years. This topic will climax with our very own Victorian dress up day. 

Autumn 2

A Child's War


The date is the 1st September 1939 and England is at war. Year 6 will be exploring World War II through the eyes of children, considering the perspective of an English child who is evacuated, a German child who notices all these subtle changes around her and a Jewish child living in Germany whose life is turned upside down. We will be looking at primary resources such as diary extracts, photos and letters and reading fictional books based around the facts of the day. From this, in small groups, we will present our findings of what World War II was like through the eyes of children. 

Spring 1

Darwin's Delights


In Spring 2's Darwin topic we explore who Darwin was and how he influenced the world with his scientific theories. We explore evolution and adaption recognising living things change over time and idnetifying how animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment. With this in mind we consider if adaption may lead to evolution. This topic lends itself to some wonderful writing opportunities with the book 'The Land of Neverbelieve' at the centre of our English and Art. 

Spring 2

Blood Heart

2020 year 6 blood picture (Large)


Summer 1

Frozen Planet


Welcome to frozen planet! The coldest land, hostile territory and breathtaking. Beautiful but deadly! Discover humans endurance to concur this vast wilderness and the treacherous terrain stretching any human to their limits. Travel upon the 'Endurance' with Shackleton and his crew to learn what they did when they were trapped in the ice for 2 long years. So wrap up well everyone and settle by the fire. I'm just going outside and may be some time....

Summer 2

Tomorrow's World

2020 yr 6 summer 2 picture (Large)