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Harvest donations to support Loveworks & St Mathews

It is that fantastic time of year again, when we can show our generosity and celebrate Harvest! We have teamed up with two local charities to donate food to this year, Loveworks and St Matthews Church. This is a great opportunity to share our Lime Tree community spirit and support local families. It is the perfect time to share with our children that it is OK to ask for help sometimes and, in return, how important it is to help others. 

We have celebrated Harvest by inviting Loveworks into school for a morning assembly, and we will be inviting some of the children to help to sort and date check the food on Friday. 

Please can you send any donations straight into your child's class this year and not via the office. Below are posters from both charities as to guidelines for donations. It has been requested that a long shelf life would be the most helpful.

If any kind parents want to volunteer to help us sort and date check on Friday it would be greatly appreciated!




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