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Lime Tree Pet Carer's Required - Apply Now

Do YOU want to be a Lime Tree Pet Carer? Read carefully to find out how you can make it happen!

We are looking for children to help take responsibility for caring for the school pets.

Who will make a good Pet Carer?

  • Likes looking after animals.
  • Will take responsibility for caring for the pets.
  • Is good at organising themselves.

What will I need to do as a Pet Carer?

  • Help in cleaning cages
  • Exercising
  • Daily feeding
  • Daily grooming
  • Help to monitor the pet’s health and happiness.

To apply to be a Pet Carer please submit one of the tasks below to Miss Trimmer by Monday 20th May.

  • Create a poster
  • Make a video
  • Write a letter

In your poster, video or letter you should say why you want to be a Pet Carer, what you would bring to the role and highlight the personal qualities you have which would make you the best child for that role.

Good Luck!

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