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  • Year 1 Lost in Space!
    27th February 2019

    Ernest the Bear took Year 1 on an adventure through space! They have been learning about constellations and have been ordering the planets in the solar system. Read More

  • Football Focus
    15th February 2019

    Just before half term, Year 5 played a Year 5 and 6 St. Matthews football team away from home. It was an exciting end to end game with Isla opening the scoring for Lime Tree, however, by half time we were trailing 2-1. Read More

  • RE in the Spotlight
    12th February 2019

    Here at Lime Tree, Religious Studies has undergone an RE Revamp. In the Autumn term we asked the pupils what they would like to engage with in their RE lessons and this was the result. Read More

  • Our School, Our Say!
    11th February 2019

    Find out how our school council have been continuously going back into classes in order to gain every child’s thoughts and opinions on the latest discussions. Read More

  • Year 5 NSPCC Workshop
    7th February 2019

    On Thursday the 7th February the lovely volunteers from the NSPCC joined year 5 for a workshop titled 'Protecting children today'. Its purpose was to discuss different types of abuse and how to protect themselves. Read More