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  • Family Picnic Treat for Reception
    24th September 2018

    Reception opened their doors for the Reception Family Picnic. The children enjoyed showing off their classrooms to their friends and family, before tucking into squash and biscuits Read More

  • Year 3 visit Winterbotham Darby
    18th September 2018

    On Wednesday 12th September, Year 3 had a wonderful trip to Winterbotham Darby to learn lots of interesting facts all about the journey olives take from the tree to the supermarket shelves. Read More

  • If you go down to the woods today!
    13th September 2018

    What an exciting start to the term for Year 1! Following our topic "if you go down to the woods today", year 1 had a "WOW" day and started our exploration for the term of our natural environment from the tree tops to the woodland floor and everything in between. Read More

  • Scorching Sports Day
    28th June 2018

    On Thursday 28th June, in the soaring heat, we held our annual sports day. The children behaved impeccably, showed true sportsmanship with a sense of responsibility and resilience shining through. Read More

  • Lime Tree showcases musical talent
    25th June 2018

    What a week it has been for music at Lime Tree! Our cellists, violinists, pianist and choir all showcasing their talents and proudly representing our school. Read More