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Dinosaur invasion of Lime Tree

A group of potential future Oscar winners had their first experience of film-making recently when Lime Tree Primary School became the unlikely setting for a monster movie.

Children in Badger Class had been studying dinosaurs, and with the help of one creatively-minded parent, they ended up making their own film. “It was a completely spur of the moment idea but it turned out to be fantastic fun,” said class teacher Kylie Mitchell. “Georgia’s mum is always helping out with things like school productions, and she suggested that it might be fun to make a film to go with our studies. The two of them wrote a script, then she came in and shot the film over two mornings, took it home and edited it. All the staff and pupils got to see it at the end of the Dinosaur Planet project, and they absolutely loved it”.

Despite the rather rough and ready nature of the film project, Ms Mitchell said it was something that had really made an impact on the children. “Learning through play, and methods such as dressing up, are key at this stage, they can help the children understand and get into topics so much more effectively than some other ways, so it was a great idea on so many levels,” she explained. “They had fun dressing up, they got even more absorbed into the topic, and they got to learn about how films are made. And the fact they all got to feel like film stars for a couple of days was just the cherry on the cake!”