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Lime Tree pupils can be heroes - just for one day

Children of all ages love dressing up and playing at being superheroes, but Year One pupils have taken the theme in a whole new direction in the classroom recently.

Instead of Spider Man and Wonderwoman, they have been learning about the every day superheroes around them, who make their lives safe, such as the emergency services, doctors, nurses, and even their own parents.

Members of the police service, firefighters and paramedics have come into the school to explain their jobs and answer questions from the children about the role they play in society. “Visitors to the classroom always cause some excitement but the visitors we’ve had recently have really caused a stir“, said Early Years Leader and Reception teacher Margaret Fordyce.

“The children are fascinated by the stories that they tell about what they do, and they really are like superheroes in their eyes. It really inspires them and I’m sure it’s nice for our visitors to get so much appreciation and to know that the job they do is appreciated and valued.”

To make sure the lesson stays in their minds, later in the term children will get a chance to come in dressed up in the costume of the job they would like to do when they grow up. “Imaginative play is such a significant part of early years learning that dressing up fulfils an important role in education,” explained Mrs Fordyce. “Playing at being paramedics or firefighters can reinforce the messages we’re putting across, which is exactly what we’re aiming to do.”