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Our Forest School Make-over

From the first week of lockdown, as the new Diamond class, we set about turning our forest school area into a place to enjoy and learn.

We started with a New Den and a Mini Beast hotel.

FS Den 1

Building the Den by Lucas CC.

"We started by collecting all the sticks around the area, we also collected pallets, we also found left over plastic sheets that we used for the roof. Working alongside Zac and Mr Feist we found an area to build the Den. We made the structure from 3 pallets stood up against the fence, we placed the plastic sheets on top of the pallets to make a roof. We used old fence posts to hold up the structure, using a brick as a hammer.

Mr Feist taught us the next day after bringing in tools how to use a Saw, we used the saw to cut the wood to the correct length. We also used some loppers to cut back overhanging branches to use on the roof of the shelter.

We made two doors using pallets and some rope we found left over.

I enjoyed learning new skills and making something that I can use and will be able to use with my friends in times to come."

Mini Beast Hotel by Amelia J.

"To build the mini beast hotel we used the pallets that we found left in the forest school area. I asked Mr Feist to stack the pallets and after every new level we used leaves and small twigs to fill in the gaps. We then used some of the broken football gaol posts to stick between the pallets too so they had runs inside the hotel.

After we had built the area up we then looked around the area to find some mini beasts, we found Ladybirds, ants, snails, earwigs, greenfly’s, centipede, spiders who we homed so hopefully they are enjoying the 5 star experience.

I enjoyed making and then finding the mini beasts whilst doing this activity."

Vegetable and fruit planters

Mr Feist managed to get some vegetable plants and fruit plants too so that we could plant them, first of all we had to dig out the weeds and turn the soil over that was in the planters already. Once we had done this, we filled the planters with some more soil we had been donated along with some compost. We then planted the 4 planters with


We are looking forward to watching them all grow. We will be watering them each day and hope to see changes all the time.

Rope Swing

We found a branch that was low enough for us to make a rope swing. The children helped find the piece of wood to use for the seat, they also got involved in drilling the holes for the string to go through, we then tied nots in the rope around the branch to make a swing for us to enjoy when outside.

FS Rope Swing

Bird Feeder

In the shed, we found a bird feeder that had no legs for it to stand on. We borrowed some tools from Mr Saxton and used some wood we still had lying around to make the base.

We drilled a hole into the top of the piece of wood for the bird feeder to sit into and then made some stabilisers so it would stand up right.

We then attached a bar for the birds to stand on along with two little bowls for water. We are hoping the birds will enjoy this and we will be able to watch them eat and drink form there.

FS Bird table