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Loveworks Lent Donation Challenge

Here at Lime Tree School, Moors House are very proud to announce that in collaboration with their charity Loveworks, they will be running the Lent Donation Challenge for the whole month! The aim of this challenge is to 'give up to give back' to hopefully collect vital donations that really make a big difference to the families that Loveworks support.

Every week we will be collecting donations for specific items of food.  There will be information posters around the school and at the donation site to remind you which items we will be collecting for that week, each week there is a different 'give up to give back' food challenge.  The Lent Donation Challenge site will be located in the corridor entrance (the two sets of door that take you through the school to the playground).

Below is a copy of this weeks poster and the specific items we will be collecting.  Next week its all change with a new poster, so keep and eye out for each change on a weekly basis.

loveworks challenge

Thank you for your continued support.