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Read all about World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March, Lime Tree Primary School, along with another 15 million children worldwide, celebrated World Book Day. It was a brilliant day full of colour, smiles and lots of stories. All of the children and staff made a great effort with their costumes and looked fantastic! The day kicked off with an assembly from Book Club introducing World Book Day and announcing the best dressed winner from each class, who were the proud recipients of a new book. In the afternoon, children got to make their own bookmark, listen to a secret story and design a front cover for it, recite a poem, complete a quiz and pair up with their buddy class to show off their outfits and favourite book.  It was a very busy day that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all those who entered the Extreme reader competition, it was very hard to choose a winner. In the parent category Mr Cox courageously read a book in a tree, our KS2 winner was Ella, KS1 Shefali and Early Years was Arthur.

The winners for the best dressed were:
Phoebe in Dragonflies
Eliana in Bumblebees
Finlay in Bumblebees 
Carter in Grasshoppers 
Jack in Butterflies
Sophia in Giraffes
Henry in Elephants
Loxy in Badgers
Thomas in Hedgehogs 
Emilie in Eagles
Kian in Owls 
Leo in Roald Dahl 
Kaelyn in JK Rowling 
Amelia in Peake
Joseph in Attenborough 
Neve in MacArthur
Demie in Simmonds 
Fletcher in Brownlee 
Leah in Farah
The winning teacher entries were Miss Bullman and Miss Panayi from Elephants who were dressed as the book "Aliens love underpants".