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Going the distance!

On a warm and sunny afternoon, Tuesday 26th February 2019, we excitedly left school for the District Cross Country competition.

Once we arrived at Priory Park we were met by lots of supporters. Year 3 and 4 girls lined up, and off they went.  Fantastic effort following the hare. Resilience was demonstrated and they all did incredibly well. Year 3 and 4 boys next, fantastic courage, they kept going, even though this was the first time some of the children represented the school. Then Year 5/6 girls (yes we competed against Year 6’s!) co-operation was shown by the girls supporting each other across the longer distance. Finally Year 5/6 boys; they had waited a long time but did not disappoint. They showed great resilience and were amazing.  We had a brilliant group of supporters which helped the children stay focused and motivated. We anxiously waited for the results and were over the moon when our boy’s earnt third place. Unfortunately our girls didn’t make the top three but we are sure that we will improve next year. Fantastic work Lime Tree you made us all proud and a huge thank you to everyone who came and supported us.