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Win win!

On Wednesday 14th November, we hosted a year 3/4 boys football tournament.  At first, we were really nervous but as the tournament went on we got less nervous.  Our first match we lost 1-0 against Reigate Parish.  On our second match we got our first win 4-0 and we were very happy!  On our third match we lost 2-1 and we were very disappointed.  For our last match in the group we played Meath Green and we won 7-1, we were delighted! 

When all the teams had finished their group we found out that we had come 3rd out of 6 teams.  It meant that we had to play RAA and we beat them 3-0.  Our next match in the semi-final was against Reigate Parish.  Fisrt we were winning 1-0 until they scored in the last minute to make it 1-1.  So it had to go down to a penalty shoot out and we won!  We were over the moon. 

In the final we had to play Merstham and we, surprisingly, won 3-0.  We were shocked and amazed that we won the whole tournament!

written by Thomas, Jack & Finley