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Year 3 visit Winterbotham Darby

On Wednesday 12th September, Year 3 had a wonderful trip to Winterbotham Darby to learn lots of interesting facts all about the journey olives take from the tree to the supermarket shelves.

The children were welcomed into the offices where we were treated to an olive mixing session. Everyone was able to select olives from four different varieties, they then added some cheese and garnish to finish off their pots. The children tasted the olives and the cheese with mixed reactions.  Many still decided that the olives tasted yucky and we heard lots of comments like ‘I’m giving these to my mum!’

Following the olive mixing and tasting session we learned about where olives grow and how they are transported to the UK. We discovered that green olives are harvested in September and black olives in December. The children were surprised to find out that it takes 6 months from olives being harvested until they reach the UK factories to be put into pots to be sold.