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It's House Week!

Monday 18th September sees the start of our celebrations for "House week".   Throughout the week the children will be taking part in a variety of exciting house activities including paired house reading, KS1 obstacle course, KS2 Bench ball competition, House lunch and House assemblies. To finish off the week on Friday 22nd September, we are having a "House Colour Day" and would like all children to wear something of their house colour. This could be a tie, hair band, t-shirt or top to toe in their house colour if possible! 

Reception and children new to Lime Tree will be finding out which house they are in on Monday 18th September.  

New to this term, our Monday morning assemblies will be a "Celebration Assembly"  based on endorsing ideals for one of the Lime Tree School values of either courage, responsibility, cooperation and resiliance.  The children will have a poster displayed in their classroom to remind them of the value for the week and teachers will be giving out house tokens to those children displaying that theme/value throughtout the week.

To help enourage and support your child/children with these values, the assembly themes for the term are:

Monday 18th September              Responsibility         Use your manners. Say good morning, good afternoon, hello my name is…, please, thank you, excuse me – in classroom/playground/lunch hall.
Monday 25th September Responsibility Take responsibility for your own behaviour. Use kind words and actions
Monday 2nd October Responsibility Take responsibility of your own behaviour. Know what is right and wrong. Say sorry if you have done something wrong.
Monday 9th October Resiliance Try your best and persevere.
Monday 16th October Courage Be brave to try something new/you don’t normally do.
Monday 30th October Resiliance Encourage your friends to try their best and support/celebrate their successes with them.
Monday 6th November Cooperation Listen to and respect other people’s ideas and opinions.
Monday 13th November Cooperation Ask someone to work or play in your group.
Monday 20th November Cooperation Encourage your friends to make good choices.
Monday 27th November Cooperation Tolerance - Talk and listen to your friends. Try and find a compromise when there is a difference in opinion.
Monday 4th December Courage  to stand up for a friend in need.
Monday 11th December Summary & Responsibility Give someone a compliment.
Monday 18th December   No assembly


To find out further information on the school house system, please click here.