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Year 3 in the "Lime"light!

Year 3 will be hosting their own Talent Show on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 6pm.

Individual, pair or group acts are welcome to come along to audition on Friday 12th May during the school day.  We are hoping to see a variety of talent acts, such as singing, dancing, poetry recital, magic, playing a musical instrument, comedy act, impressions and many more! As we will be rehearsing in classes, pair and group acts will need to be from the same class. Anyone who would like to audition will need to bring any props or music etc. that they need. Please provide any music or backing tracks on a named CD or USB stick.

There will also be the opportunity for children to audition for the role of presenters, who will introduce each act and interact with the audience.  If your child is chosen as a presenter, they will not be able to perform a talent act. To prepare for a presenting role at home, children should practise using expression and speaking confidently in front of an audience.

The children will be supported in organising the event themselves and therefore there are numerous roles for those who do not wish to perform, including music, refreshments, set design, front of house or backstage crew (and many more!). 

We will be preparing and rehearsing for the Talent Show during the school day, but additional rehearsing at home would also be appreciated.

To reserve a seat please use our online booking system which is open now and closes on Monday 22nd May at 6pm.  Due to fire regulations, seats are limited to 3 per family. However, please indicate on the online booking system if you wish to be considered for extra seats should they become available.  These will be issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis after all initial requests have been accepted.