The Glyn Learning Foundation


The provision for Key Workers and Vulnerable children will continue until the end of term with a few changes due to the wider reopening of the school. The following information applies from Wednesday 10th June.

Booking System

In order to maintain a register and support our safeguarding practices, please continue to book childcare days for your child/ren. This can now be done using a Google form that we will send out every Wednesday via email and needs to be completed by 7pm every Thursday. Please complete this form each week even if you do not need any days.


The children have now been allocated a ‘bubble’ of up to fifteen children. There is no flexibility to move between these bubbles. However, when a child’s own year group reopens, for example Year 6 on Monday 15th June, they can make that one move back to their own year group ‘bubble’. There will be two adults per group at any one time.

New Class Name


Room Drop Off Time


Monday: Mrs Gibbens & Mr Feist
Tuesday: Mr Feist & Miss King
Wednesday: Mrs Gibbens & Miss King
Thursday: Mrs Gibbens & Mr Feist
Friday: Mrs Gibbens & Mr Feist

Upstairs - Farrah Classroom
Children enter via KS2 door near the blue stairs





Monday: Miss Fulbrook/Mrs Cook & Mrs Carroll
Tuesday: Mrs Jonsson & Mrs Carroll
Wednesday: Mrs Jonsson & Mrs Carroll
Thursday:Mrs Jonsson & Mrs Carroll
Friday: Mrs Forward & Mrs MacBrayne

Reception - Elephant Classroom up to and including 19/06/20 and then Year 4 Peake classroom.

Children enter and exit via the Reception playground gate.




Monday: Miss Waldman & Mrs Norris
Tuesday:Miss Waldman & Mrs Norris
Wednesday:Miss Waldman & Mrs Norris
Thursday: Miss Waldman & Mrs Norris

Reception Giraffe Classroom up to and including 19/06/20 and then Year 4 Attenborough classroom

Children enter and exit via the Reception playground gate.



Monday: Mrs Woodhams & Mrs Scrase
Tuesday: Mrs Woodhams & Miss Massie
Wednesday: Mrs Scrase & Miss Panayi
Thursday: Miss Massie & Miss Panayi


Children enter and exit via the playground gate to Nursery




The children of Key workers and vulnerable children can wear their own home clothes.

Entry to School - Monday to Thursday

Key Worker and Vulnerable children will all enter the site through the sliding doors. They can be dropped off at any time between 8.30am and 9.00am. One parent per child (and siblings if necessary) is welcome to accompany them. Any siblings must stay with the supervising adult at all times.  Please be aware that there will be a one-way system operating and therefore, if you come through the main school entrance, you will then be required to exit through the gate between Nursery and Reception and leave the site this way.

Hand gel will be provided outside of each classroom door and each child will need to use this before entering. Our hand washing routines for the day will then begin once they have entered the classroom.

You will be expected to say goodbye to your child before they enter the classroom and immediately exit the site. Please do not congregate with others and ensure you maintain social distancing expectations at all times. If your child is finding separation difficult, please feel free to move away from the door area and take time to talk with them in a space on the playground.

Entry to School - Friday

Please enter school via the front office.

Exit From School - Monday to Thursday

If after 2.30pm, one parent, and siblings if necessary, to enter the site through the sliding doors. Please do not enter the site until it is your time for collection. The children need to be collected by 3.30pm at the latest. If they are collected before 2.30pm, please go to the office and your child will come and meet you in front of school. Any siblings must stay with the supervising adult at all times. For downstairs rooms, please wait outside of your child’s new classroom and maintain social distancing rules. For upstairs classrooms, please wait on the playground and they will be sent down to you. Please leave the site as soon as your child has been released from their classroom via the gate between Nursery and Reception.

Exit From School – Friday

Please go to the front office, ring the bell and your child will be sent to meet you.