The Glyn Learning Foundation

The School Day


The children are expected to wear school uniform. This may be PE or normal Summer uniform. If this is a problem, please let us know as we may be able to help. If children have grown out of their school shoes they are welcome to wear trainers (no sandals please).

NB: The children of key workers and vulnerable children may wear their own clothes from home.

Entry Into School

Children will all enter the site through the double doors. One parent, and siblings if necessary, are welcome to accompany them. Any siblings must stay with the supervising adult at all times. Please be aware that there will be a one-way system operating and therefore, if you come through the main school entrance, you will then be required to exit through the gate between Nursery and Reception and leave the site this way.

Hand gel will be provided outside of each classroom door and each child will need to use this before entering. Our hand washing routines for the day will then begin once they have entered the classroom.

You will be expected to say goodbye to your child before they enter the classroom and immediately exit the site. Please do not congregate with others and ensure you maintain social distancing expectations at all times. After a significant amount of time spent at home, some children may be upset when returning. If your child is finding separation difficult, please feel free to move away from the door area and take time to talk with them in a space on the playground.

Exit From School

One parent, and siblings if necessary, to enter the site through the double doors. Please do not enter the site until it is your 10 minute time slot for collection. If you are late for any reason, please send a message to the office as you normally would. Children collected late will not be sent to the office and should still be collected from the classroom. Any siblings must stay with the supervising adult at all times. Please wait outside of your child’s new classroom and maintain social distancing rules. Please leave the site as soon as your child has been released from their classroom via the gate between Nursery and Reception.

Office Protocol

If you have letters etc to deliver to the office, please put them in one of the two outside letterboxes. They are emptied at least once per day.

If you need to deliver medicine, please use the hand gel provided and ring to enter the office. There will be a strict one person in the office only policy so you may not be let in immediately. If you have to wait outside please observe social distancing rules. Please allow extra time if you are intending to visit the office.

If you have a query, please call or email the office and they will respond as soon as possible.

Teacher Communication

If you need to speak to the classteacher, please email or call the school office to arrange a convenient time. If there is anything for the classteacher to communicate with you, this will be done via phone or email.


If your child usually has medication in school, this was sent home at the beginning of the lockdown. Please can you return this to school via the office. This must not be left in school bags or handed to teachers.

Comforting Children

Sometimes during the school day, children can become upset and need comforting. As a staff, the Year 1 team have agreed that they are happy to comfort a child by putting their hands on their shoulders for a little ‘hug’ from standing height without face to face contact. If you are not in agreement with this, please send an email to marked for the attention of your child’s new teacher.

Lunch & Snacks

The lunch option for all children is a school packed lunch or home packed lunch. Both will be eaten in the classroom. If they are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, they are eligible for a free school packed lunch under the Universal Free School Meals Scheme. All other year groups will be required to pay for school packed lunches via parent pay except for children who are currently eligible for free school meals.

Unfortunately, the government fruit scheme is not running at the moment. If you wish your child to have a mid-morning snack, please provide this. This should be either fruit or vegetables.


The children need to bring their own water bottle to school every day.


As always, please respond to the weather accordingly by providing a raincoat if the weather is inclement and sun cream and a hat if it is warm. Please apply sun cream before your child comes to school and, if they need to reapply it during the day, put it in a named plastic/paper food bag.