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Breakfast & After School Club

Camp Glide is our Breakfast and After School Club, which runs during term time, Monday to Friday from 7.45am - 8.45am and 3.15pm to 6.00pm. For further information visit   To book, please call  Andy Setters on 07449 532326 or email

School Clubs

Clubs will start week commencing Monday 24th April 2017. The last club sessions running for the half term will be week commencing 22nd May 2017, or 10 July 2017 if the club is running for the full term.

Initially the clubs booking system is limited to one club per child, and places are allocated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, as there is limited spaces available.  To view the accompanying clubs letter for the summer term please click here and for the full timetable, please click here

Application forms and flyers for externally run clubs can be found in the page download section below.



Year Group
Lego Challenge *NEW* Come along and learn about the physics, mathematics and engineering issues around building motorised lego models. ALL

Meditation *NEW*

Meditation is a chance for the children to calm themselves amid their busy days, focusing on teaching how to calm their minds and find inner peace whenever needed.

R & 1

Multi Sports *NEW* Multi Sports is great for a keen sportsman who is keen to try out different sports each week,
We will cover basic skills in sports such as, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Netball, Basketball,
Rugby, Rounders.
1, 2 & 3

Netball *NEW*

Come along and learn netball skills and rules together, whether you have played before or not.


Maths Come along to Maths club and have lots of fun playing maths games to practise all your maths skills! 1 & 2
Football A fun club teaching basic skills in enjoyable mini games. The session will cover techniques of football and understanding of special awareness and teamwork. ALL
Karate Extermal club run by Sama Karate. Contact School Office for details 1, 2 & 3
Singing Come along to Singing club and have fun learning lots of new songs and singing together. R & 1
Spanish Come along to Spanish club where we will learn some Spanish through fun games and activities. 3
Story Each week we will read a different story together and enjoy activities including drawing, singing and drama R & !


Come along to Languages club where we will learn about different countries and languages through games and activities.

1 & 2



Cookery club is a chance to make tasty and healthy dishes. We will learn lots of new skills such as cutting and kneading. After each session you will usually take home a sample of what we have cooked each week. We’ll also give you the recipe explaining how to make it!



Come to Code club to have lots of fun and learn how to use computer programming to create lots of different things such as animations, games and websites.

2 & 3

Art Art Club provides the children with the opportunity to produce a variety of different creations on both a large and small scale. Children will experiment with different techniques such as papier mache, weaving, marbling and felting. The fun will be endless! 2 & 3
Choir Come along to Choir and have fun learning lots of new songs and singing together. 2 & 3

Funky Fingers

Funky Fingers is a fantastic club that will help you improve your fine motor skills. Each week there will be fun activities to take part in. We will make patterns with Hama beads, build models, create necklaces and many more fun activities. 

R & 1

Board Games

Sign up to Board Game club and challenge your friends to a game.  We will have a variety of games on offer such as Snakes and Ladders, Draughts and Chess.



Come and have a go at fun experiments and learn a little more about working scientifically.


Newspaper Newsspaper club is a fun and exciting way for children to improve their writing skills.  Children will have a chance to report on current events that are happening at Lime Tree, by interviewing key people, capturing pictures of the moment and then writing a newspaper style article about the event. By the end of the half term, there will be a published newsletter, for all members of the school to access, created entirely by the children in Newspaper club! 2 & 3


Children will have the opportunity to be active in growing both flowers and vegetables.  We will start growing different kinds of vegetables from seeds, transplanting into bigger pots and then transplanting into the raised beds.

1 & 2

Arts & Crafts Children will have the opportunity to use a range of different materials and techniques to create artwork R
Running Come and get fit and ready for a day of learning by starting the morning with a run and some exercise. ALL


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