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It is not just what you learn but how you learn;
children need to become learners for life to reach their full potential


Our local context, alongside children’s prior knowledge, skills and experiences, define our inclusive curriculum design and learning and teaching strategies.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed and structured to explicitly develop children’s knowledge and skills through high expectations and rich learning opportunities. Progression is systematically planned and cumulative to ensure coherent sequencing of learning. 

The Lime Tree experience equips all children with transferable knowledge and skills in readiness for their next stage of learning.  Our school culture, underpinned by our values, removes barriers to learning and unlocks the potential for all children to succeed in life.

Underpinned by the national curriculum, our theme based curriculum is coherently mapped out across school in to our content coverage and progression of skills and knowledge document. Where relevant and meaningful, themes, provide the context for children to learn knowledge and develop skills. Based on the children’s interests, local context and current affairs, teachers have the professional autonomy to design rich, engaging, hands-on learning experiences, which build on children’s prior knowledge and maximises their full potential. This provides them with transferable skills and knowledge to develop a life-long love of learning, enabling them to become educated citizens.

Knowledge and skills are intrinsically linked within our curriculum and our themes provide a vehicle for a cross curricular approach. This enables children to establish links, which encourage creativity, using and applying their knowledge and skills imaginatively within a range of contexts and real life experiences. A theme focus is identified which provides opportunities for deep learning, building towards an end outcome.

In addition to this, the school follows the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Parents and carers who do not want their child to take part in Religious Education lessons or in collective acts of worship should express their wishes in writing to the Head Teacher.


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