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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 at Lime Tree Primary School



Miss J Peach Class Teacher Eagle Class
Miss E Hutchinson Class Teacher / KS1 Leader Owl Class


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs A Norris
Mrs M Pitts


Autumn 1  

Towers, Turrets and Tiaras

Year 2 Autumn 1 picture


Let us head inside the castle walls and travel back in time to find out what life was like for kings, queens, peasants and servants in our first topic ‘Towers, Turrets and Tiaras!’ Meet ‘Rapunzel’ who lives in a tall, tall tower and the wicked witch who locks her away there.  Let us get busy building and designing our own forts and castles. How tall will they be? What will they be made from? What defences should they have? Lots of royal fun to be had!


Spring 1  

Lady with the Lamp



Lady with the lamp, Florence Nightingale.


Spring 1  

Hakuna Matata

hakuna matata (Large)

Hakuna Matata…it means no worries for the rest of your days! This half term we will be going on an African adventure to Kenya! Can you find Africa and Kenya on a map? Let’s look at how Kenya compares to England. What animals live there? What’s the weather like? What food grows there? Let’s find out more about Lila and the Secret of Rain by reading and writing about this African story. Wow! Just look at some of the colourful patterns, jewellery and masks some of the men and women in African tribes wear. Let’s sing and play the drums to some music just like the Masai!


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Spring 2  

The Scented Garden

year 2 spring 2 picture


Take a stroll outside and smell the beautiful spring flowers because it’s the start of our topic ‘The Scented Garden!’ It’s all about plants and seeds this term and how they grow! Help Jack grow his beanstalk! Plant a bean seed and watch it grow! What conditions will it need? Take in the scent of the herbs we grow and use them in some cooking! 

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Summer 1  

Marvellous Merstham



Marvellous Merstham

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Summer 2  

year 2 summer 2 picture


It’s finally time to visit the beach and feel the sand in our toes...we’re going to become beachcombers! Let’s explore the rock pools! What will we find? What sort of habitats do the creatures live in? We will have lots of fun inventing our own rock pool homes for many creatures too! Let’s take ‘Traction Man’ on an adventure to the beach! What trouble will he find himself in? Buckets and spades here we come!

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