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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 at Lime Tree Primary School


Miss E Hutchinson KS1 Leader and Class Teacher Badger Class
Miss M Bone Class Teacher Hedgehog Class


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs M Pitts
Mrs L Naylor


Autumn 1  

The Enchanted Woodlands

Year 1 autumn 1 picture


If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a BIG surprise! What can you hear? The fluttering of fairy wings? The pitter patter of animal paws? The Enchanted Woodlands sees us exploring our natural environment from the tree tops to the woodland floor and everything in between. Can you identify a deciduous or evergreen tree? Let’s collect some leaves and sort them! We will be making fairy doors, building dens , painting animals and becoming experts on our local environment! Get your magic dust ready, we’re off to The    Enchanted Woodland!

Autumn 2  

Bright Lights, Big City

Year 1 autumn 2 picture


Stand bebind the yellow line and min the gap as we hop on the tube to central London!

We're in amongst the bright lights of the big city this half term, as we learn all about London both in the past and the present! Maybe we’ll meet the queen? Can you design a new building for the city of London? How did the Great Fire of London start? So many questions to explore! 

Spring 1  

Splendid Skys

Year 1 spring 1 picture


We are all fascinated by the weather as it dominates so much of what we do every day... Shall we light the BBQ? How deep is the snow? Shall I bring an umbrella? Will I need sunscreen? Our learning this half term will see us become very hands on as we learn indoors as well as often heading  outside to experience the different types of weather first hand. We will be learning about different types of weather and the effect this can have on us all. We will also be looking at more extreme weather both in the UK and around the world. We will learn to measure wind and rain and will constantly have our eyes to the sky wondering, learning and being intrigued.   So what is the weather like for you today?

Spring 2  

Moon Zoom

Year 1 spring 2 picture



Welcome  to Moon Zoom! During this topic we’ll be aiming to inspire our young minds by exploring life as an astronaut. What was it like for those earlier space pioneers and what would it be like in space today? We’ll find out what the astronauts get up to on the International Space Station and even investigate our own suspicious alien visitor! Join us as we voyage through our Solar System and beyond ...



Summer 1  

Dinosaur Planet

Year 1 summer 1 picture


Rrrrroah! The dinosaurs are in town! Come join us as we delve into Dinosaur Planet! We’ll be exploring the world that the dinosaurs lived in and comparing it to Earth now! Who was the first person to discover a dinosaur bone? How do we know that they existed?  We will learn, explore and digging deep to discover all we can about these amazing creatures who once roamed our world.


Summer 2  
Rio Di Vida

Year 1 summer 2 picture


Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, dance to the samba beat! Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care and get into the carnival spirit. There’ll be sequins, feathers, samba, music shakers and all that amazing carnival spirit! What are you waiting for? Let’s go to Riooooo!

Bem-vindo ao Brasil os meus amigos!

(Welcome to Brazil my friends)








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