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Welcome to Reception at Lime Tree Primary School 


Mrs A Colenbrander Class Teacher Giraffe Class
Miss Marianne Bone Class Teacher & EYFS Leader Elephant Class


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs G Hoosain
Miss L Oliver


The Foundation Stage Curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning and development. These are divided into three prime areas and four specific areas.

The three prime areas are:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development

These are then supported by specific areas that strengthen the prime areas. The specific areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Development in the prime areas enables the children to go on and master the skills within the specific areas.

The children enjoy many new and wonderful experiences from day to day as they learn and explore these different areas of development in their stimulating and educational environment.

Topics will change regularly based on children’s interests and needs. Weekly newsletters will help to inform you of learning.

Below are examples of possible lines of enquiry in Reception.

Reception Want to be my friend

Do you want to be my friend?

As the children settle into school, they will supported to make new friends, look after the classroom and be kind and helpful.

The children will explore the question ‘What does friendship look like? They will learn about the similarities and differences between themselves and the other children.

Reception when i go to sleep

What happens when I go to sleep?

The children will share their own bedtime routines and discuss the importance of sleep and rest. Children will also learn about the Moon and stars, nocturnal animals and people who work at night. The children will be invited back to school one evening for a bedtime story with their friends.

Reception read me a story

 Will you read me a story?

The children will share traditional tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They will learn the story language associated with these stories and use this to retell their own stories. The children will have the opportunity to visit the local library.


Reception Cows drink milk

Do cows drink milk?

The children will find out where their food comes from and explore the idea of healthy eating. Children will recognise animals that live on a farm, naming their body parts. Children will have the opportunity to visit the farm. They will find out about life on a farm and the life cycle of a chicken.

Reception do zebras have stripes

Why do zebras have stripes?

The children will be learning about Africa. They will explore African tribal culture and talk about how it is the same and different to their own lives. The children will find out about wild animals that live in Africa, African habitats and camouflage.

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